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31 janvier 2024

Salon Bio 360

We thank the many visitors who stopped by our stand.

Salon Bio 360

and who played well with our factory model!

Salon Bio 360

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Intervention by the President of Elyse technology as part of this webinar organized by the SCS competitiveness cluster

Installing an analysis bay


Installing an analysis bay

ELYSE TECHNOLOGY is a manufacturer of mobile units producing renewable energy thanks to its patented CARBOLYSE process allowing the recovery of industrial waste.

ELYSE TECHNOLOGY has chosen to resolutely commit to the industry of the future and launched its ELYSE 4.0 project in 2022, aware that these two orientations (the 4.0 company on the one hand, the virtual factory on the other) are for it the strong pillars of its economic sustainability.

The financing of the project benefited from the REACT EU scheme (European Union recovery scheme in response to the Covid-19 pandemic) of the FEDER-FSE Operational program.

The ELYSE 4.0 project involves numerous partners. To supply the virtual factory with data, it is necessary to have the tools to collect it.

One of the major topics in the environmental field concerns process emissions. The installation of an analysis bay will provide an important documented base linked to the nature of the inputs.

Many technologies exist on the market, but our challenge is to have a reliable, easy-to-use technical and economic solution that covers the range of analyzes sought.

After a national consultation, ELYSE TECHNLOGY selected two suppliers:

- SOCLEMA for a sampling solution and guarantee a gas free of humidity and pollutants,

- CHOMATOTEC for a gas chromatography set.