Who are we ?

ELYSE Technology is a licensor process company in the field of waste management and environment, responding to challenges of sustainable development and in step with societal demands.

Our core business: thermal recovery of waste- especially organic industrial waste (CarbolyseTM process).

Our business is to offer to players from waste managements sectors, our unique competence in the thermochemical decomposition of organic matter and power generation by hybrid combustion of the byproducts.

The Management Team

ELYSE Technology builds on established professionals and senior engineers (average experience exceeds 25 years).

They managed major projects in the technology sectors (nuclear, and research programs), challenging industry (offshore production & gas distribution), both in France and abroad.

Two of them are Technical Directors who designed, built and operated pilot plants that demonstrated the reliability of the process.

The inventor remains associated as an advisor for the development of the company.

Our services

ELYSE Technology deploys its know-how and adaptability to bring its customers the most advanced services, organizational modes, tools and methods.

  • Feasibility studies: Elyse Technology has created a feasibility study covering the investor decision making; adequacy of the process to its waste recovery issue, estimated financial return, legal and environmental considerations over the life cycle of the constructed asset, etc.
  • Turnkey: the investor will be the future operator. He wants to invest in a waste recovery plant consistent with its requirements and its market. We include all the required expertise (engineering, manufacturing, construction, maintenance) to guarantee the optimization of capital expenditure (CAPEX) and the reduction of operating expenses (OPEX).
  • Licensor : we carry out the preliminary design studies. According to customer demands, we can provide engineering design services (from the preliminary draft to the final receipt of the installation). Procurement is the customer's responsibility. We can also offer project management assistance to the main contractor, or any other assistance such as a startup support, operator training, technical support (web assistance) during the duration of the plant operation.

Our added value

  • A functioning industrial process,
  • A process Expertise,
  • A network of partner companies that can handle international construction projects
  • Modular and evolutionary solutions.